5 Ideas On Starting A Profitable Heat Press T-Shirt Business

26 Jan 2019
5 Ideas On Starting A Profitable Heat Press T-Shirt Business
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T-shirts are the in-thing today when it comes to being fashionable in a casual outfit. It is also a flexible clothing option that a broad range of people easily chooses. The demand for t-shirts goes up on a consistent basis. The demand for customized t-shirts is even higher. The result of this trend is that you can make a lot of money from a t-shirt printing business once you have all the right things in place.

You can get orders from companies, entrepreneurs, schools, and individuals. If your heat press t-shirt printing business is well positioned, you will be producing on a large scale and of course, profiting on a large scale too.

This is why we have brought you five great ideas to help your t-shirt printing business get started and running.

Valuable Ideas For Heat Press Startups

When it comes to beginning your heat press business, the vital factors to consider are the equipment you will be using, where to get suppliers and what printing method you want to use. These would naturally go into our selection of ideas for you.

So if you are looking to start a heat press t-shirt printing business that is profitable, you must set a solid method in place.

1. Decide on your printing method

This is an obvious first step. Once you are decided about beginning your t-shirt printing business, you must choose a printing method. Going back and forth with all the available methods will not get you very far as it would be largely trial and error. Such a method is bound to fail.

Instead, decide whether you want to use the traditional heat transfer method, the Vinyl transfer method or the sublimation method.

All these methods help you choose how you want to transfer the design unto the shirt.

2. Pick the right equipment

Evaluate the available t-shirt printing machines and decide which the right one for you is. The right one is, of course, the best one in the market and the one that fits your need. You must choose carefully because this is the most important tool you will need for your t-shirt printing business.

T-shirt printing machines in Malaysia are affordable and of different varieties. You can look through our list of t-shirt printing machine in  Malaysia to determine the right pick for you.

3. Find a t-shirt supplier

Getting a good t-shirt supplier means getting a good deal and you will be better off if you choose to work directly with the manufacturers. This will cut your cost but you must make sure it is a manufacturer that has a reputation for producing quality t-shirts. There are a lot of t-shirt suppliers Malaysia who are just clicks away. Fulry is a good place to start.

4. Determine your price

When potential customers come in contact with your amazing t-shirts, the first concern they would have is how much they go for. So, you must set up an all-inclusive pricing strategy that ensures you do not run your business at a loss while still satisfying your clients. Evaluating the prices of your competitors can help you determine the right price to set.

5. Set up your marketing plan

People may never find you if you do not market your business. Strategize how you will go about letting people know that your business exists. Since we are in the digital world today, you can make use of online tools to advertise. These include advertising on your social media handles, selling on Amazon so that people can easily see your t-shirts online, creating an online store of your own and so on.

You can also advertise in your community by sponsoring a carnival and creating discounts on holidays or even having a physical store.

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