How To Choose Heat Press Machine

26 Jan 2019
How To Choose Heat Press Machine
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Don’t know which to choose from a number of heat press machines available?

You are not alone. But if you are going to succeed in the heat press printing business, the choice of your heat press machine will be a determining factor.

Of all the requirements, a heat press machine holds a place of importance. That’s why this article is put together to help you choose the right heat press machine Malaysia. It will be in form of a guide without suggesting specific machines, but what to look out for in the right hot press machine Malaysia.

This guide will highlight seven factors that should guide your choice of your hot press printing machine Malaysia.

1. What’s The Level of Expertise of The Intended User?

Whoever will be involved in the use of the machine has a he role to play. If you buy a heat transfer machine meant for a pro for a newbie, there’ll be problem. So also is buying a heat transfer machine for a newbie handling a professional level heat transfer machine.

2. The Right Size For The Job

Heat press machine are in different sizes. You’ll find 15 by 15, 16 by 20, 9 by 12 and more. You should only buy a heat press machine that accommodate the size of material you’ll be working on. Aside the size, the available space for storing the machine should be factored.

3. Quality of The Heat Press Machine

Don’t invest your money into a heat press machine that will not serve it purpose before packing up. One way to determine the quality of a heat press machine is the weight. The heavier it is, the better. If you think the weight of a heat press transfer machine does not correspond with the size, don’t buy it.

4. Heat Distribution of The Heaten Plate

To succeed in the heat press printing business, the quality of heat and the distribution have a role to play. Be sure that the heat press generate the right it and distribute it evenly on all the surface. The distribution of heat will have an effect on the output of the design.

5. Your Capital and Budget

You must have a budget for a heat press machine, consider the budget and choose the right machine that is affordable for you. Ensure the budget accommodates the total cost of purchase of the heat press machine.

6. Assurance and Warranty

To be on a safer side, which ever heat press machine must be warrantied. The heat press machine must come with a warranty. That shows that the manufacturer trust the quality of their product. This means they will take responsibility for the product in the event of a breakdown.

7. Controllable Temperature and Time Range

Lastly and most importantly, your choice of heat press transfer must have an adjustable temperature. That means there’ll be a digital timer to help you monitor the temperature and the time needed to transfer a design. With a controllable temperature for different materials, your work become easier.

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