How To Start Heat Press Printing Business

26 Jan 2019
How To Start Heat Press Printing Business
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What’s the heat transfer business Malaysia all about? Let’s start by providing answer to this question. Heat Press Malaysia is the use of heat to transfer designs on souvenirs, t-shirts, mugs, caps and other items for the purpose of marketing. You must be reading this article because the entrepreneur inside of you sees a goldmine that should be explored. Even though the heat press printing business is quite diverse, the t-shirt heat press business is the most popular. That doesn’t mean it’s the most profitable. May be the demand for t-shirts as a staple wear has made it the most popular of the different areas you can focus on with your heat press printing business. 

For the purpose of knowledge, we’ll be doing an overview of what is needed to start a heat press printing business. Focus will be mainly on what is needed to kickstart the business.

1. Heat Press

Obviously, the most important equipment for a heat press Malaysia printing business is a heat press. When it comes to choosing a heat press, know that there are different sizes and of course, the feature sets are quite different. If you’ll be going into T-shirt or clothing heat transfer business, the clam shell and sway-swing is the best option. For mugs and other cylinder shaped items, the cylinder-shaped heat press is the most advisable. The features that separate heat press is usually the sturdiness of the heat press, time and temperature control and, lastly, the quality of the heating element. You have to get it right with your choice of heat press to succeed in the heat press printing business

2. Printers

We are referring to large format printers able to handle not less than 11 by 7 and even higher. This is not your everyday stationary printer, this ones can handle heat press material. Printers used in the heat transfer business Malaysia are able to use special ink (pigment ink) and most importantly, large shirt designs. In functionality, it works just like a regular home printer but built to handle heat transfer inks. There’s a heat transfer paper Malaysia that the printer prints on for further transfer onto the shirt or other souvenirs. From the special paper, the heat press transfer the design onto the shirt. 

3. Computer

To start a heat transfer business you’ll need a computer with excellent specifications that can handle heavy graphics design. Even if the designs have been supplied by your customers, as a heat transfer business Malaysia, having a computer with the right software to carry out modifications is necessary. You should check with heat transfer companies, software companies and computer stores for the appropriate computer and computer program. 

4. Supplies

Succeeding in your heat transfer business will require you to have specific supplies needed for the business. The supplies will be a factor of the form of heat transfer you carry out. Get extra ink, heat pad, transfer paper, Teflon or any other heat resistant material. With all these materials, you are a step ahead in starting a heat press printing business.

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